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Being too much of a ranter, I'm not sure if public blogging is the best medium for expressing myself. Last week I cleaned out my high school room (parents are renting it out while I'm at med school), and dug up a few journals from teenage-hood. Emotional outbursts nearly every entry. And I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to stand my immature boy-crazy self if I went back in time.

Just had to change settings of some previous entries to "private", because... Why would anyone be that interested in the meticulous details of all the different Melbourne apartments I inspected? That was for my own record. How tactless it was to broadcast the actual names of my ex-es whom I ranted about? That was for my own record.

My own records from now on!


the following was written 2 days ago when i was waiting for my flight to australia:

Mom and I got to LAX way early. After I arrived at gate 120, I still had 2.5 hours to kill before my flight takes off. I went to go buy some water--a whopping $4.99. Plus a banana to curb the hunger. I'm sitting next to a guy who looked like Charlie from Lost.  Behind me is a woman who looks seriously sunburned. I'm already enjoying the lovely Australian accents all around me. "You're going to Sid-nay?" Yes, I am. And no window seat either. =( I'm still very sad about that. I'm considering keeping a nice photo log of my trip, and I wanted to take pictures of Sydney as we break through the clouds when landing. I had a phase in my life where I wanted to be a flight attendant, and researched several airlines. Qantas Airlines, which was rated as one of the top places to work. It also had good reviews with customers. I'm really looking forward to getting to select my own movies, and not suffering through an epic-long flight with broken headphones and horrendous dubbed kung-fu movies (I don't ever want to fly China Eastern again).


Advise from the family:

Grandpa: Look after yourself.

Grandma: If you find someone there, that's good. If not, that's fine too. You're still coming back for med school for 4 years, and I'm sure there will be someone of high quality waiting for you there too.

Mama: If they give you bottled water, don't open it. Save it for later. If they give you water in a cup, keep the cup and use it for brushing your teeth once you get to your host family.

Dad: Q-A-I-what? What kind of ridiculously named airline are you flying?

Wagga Wagga

Tomorrow I leave for the land down under. Flying Qantas LAX--Sydney--Melbourne. I know that in the long run it doesn't really matter that I got assigned an aisle seat in the back of the plane, even though I requested a window seat. Like a brat, I complained to my mom, "I don't wanna sit there!". "So stand", she said. Oh, how I'm going to miss her sarcasm. And my grandparent's delicious cooking.

Even my unconscious is prepped for this trip. Last night I had a dream that I was biking along this beautiful idyllic field at dusk, and saw groups of aboriginal Australians along my path. Some had white paint on their bodies, and others were chanting songs. This really large-headed sheep with those crazy vertical pupils that sheep. I marveled at its strange shape and wondered if maybe it was cross bred with some marsupial. Then the animal started harassing me, so I rode my bike a little faster to get away from it. Wonder, challenge, and adventure. Coming up right around the corner.

Wagga Wagga--I learned from my Frommer's Australia 2009 guide that these were the first words aboriginal Australians said to European intruders. It means, "go away". Sadly history proves that they were not wrong about their lack of enthusiasm and hospitality. But I promise I won't bring any smallpox. "Go away" is also the name of a town between Melbourne and Sydney that maybe I'll visit. How do you resist a continent-country with place names like Wee Waa and Gin Gin? I know I can't.

we are what we learn

i thought this was such a good back-to-school speech: http://www.whitehouse.gov/video/President-Obamas-Message-for-Americas-Students/

almost makes me wish i were a student again. almost.

dear x,

i've wanted to have my own livejournal for a while now, but always thought it might be too time consuming. so far, this has proven to be very true, as i've spend the last few hours picking a new layout, profile picture, emoticons, etc. not good for mcat studying, not good for trying to wade through virginia woolf, not good for getting sleep before my morning dentist appointment tomorrow. oh well. maybe in the process of writing, i'll discover something new about myself that i didn't dedicate my consciousness to previously. that's constructive, right?



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